This house was sold in 2 days!!!!

The media keeps broadcasting the bad news about how poor the real estate market is, properties sitting on the market for several months even years and nothing is selling.  Why?  Because bad news sells.

Some first time investors ask me, can I rent my property quickly?  What if I can’t rent it out?  My response is always the following question, “If you rent it at $1.00 per month, do you think you have a hard time finding a tenant?”

It all comes down to the price, everything has a value.  When the property is priced correctly, even at this depressing market, it can be sold in 2 days.  That’s exactly what happened to this property, located in San Jose, it is a bank owned property, 3 bedroom 2 baths, around 1000 sq. ft.  It was listed below $330,000 with a huge lot.  It is not in perfect move in condition but not much work needs to be done.  Good choice for investors and first time home buyers.


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